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September 01, 20222 min read


There are two important processes to go through when starting in the laboratory business: CLIAand COLA applications. These certificates will ensure that your company is compliant with allthe regulations set forth by governing bodies, which includes knowing what they each entail, aswell as when/how often it's appropriate for them both be submitted (and if there's anything inbetween).

Part Time Director, Full Time Impact

Part-time lab directors are a cost-effective option for high-complexity CLIA laboratories. Part-time lab directors can be hired on an as-needed basis to provide the required oversight for the laboratory. This arrangement can significantly reduce overhead costs for the laboratory.

Imagine having your own in-office lab. You could order a PCR test for your patient who is in extreme pain and discomfort and get results back the same day. You would know which bacteria are present and which antibiotic to prescribe.

Not only would you have a happy patient but you'll be able to manage your practice efficiently and effectively.

Sounds great, right?

At Molecular Lab Partners (MLP), we can help you bring the new gold standard for diagnostic testing to your practice!

PCR testing is faster, more accurate, and allows you to simultaneously run Antibiotic Resistances so you can prescribe the right antibiotic the first time. 
Same Day Turn
Around Time
Faster Treatment Decisions
New Revenue Stream
Optimize Patient Outcomes
Clinical Workflow Efficiency
Improved Patient Experience
We Are With You Every Step of the Way

We offer end-to-end implementation— from SOPs to equipment, to CLIA/COLA licensing and staffing.
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